“Dekta studio is a design firm committed to achieving excellence in design quality, professionalism, 
client satisfaction, and improving the quality of life. “

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Furniture & Decor

We create and produce our product design lines.

Art Family Residence project3 720x720  Home 1 project3 720x720
Art Family Residence
Private House in Spain project4 720x720  Home 1 project4 720x720
Private House in Spain
Modern Villa in Belgium project5 720x720  Home 1 project5 720x720
Modern Villa in Belgium
Minimalistic Style Appartment project6  Home 1 project6
Minimalistic Style Appartment
Luxury Bathroom Interior project7 720x720  Home 1 project7 720x720
Luxury Bathroom Interior

Get Incredible Interior Design Right Now!

At every stage, we could supervise your project – controlling all the details and consulting the builders.

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The Core Company Values

We are constantly growing, learning, and improving and our partners are steadily increasing. 200 projects is a sizable number.

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3D Modeling
2D Planning
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Robert Cooper

[ Finance Manager ]

Olivia Peterson

[ CEO of Company ]

Amalia Bruno

[ Interior Designer ]
Katie Doyle  Home 1 member7

Katie Doyle

[ Interior Designer ]
Andrew Kinzer  Home 1 member10

Andrew Kinzer

[ CEO of Company ]
Anna Richmond  Home 1 member6

Anna Richmond

[ Marketing Manager ]

Christina Torres

[ Company Founder ]
Jesica Lina  Home 1 member2

Jesica Lina

[ Marketing Manager ]
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